what is moon magic?

We can't deny the beauty and allure of the Moon, but we often forget how much we have learned from our magnificent sky. Unalune is here to remind you to look up from time to time to reconnect with this inherent wisdom. 

The moon cycle is about 28 days, a month, or moonth if you will (haha get it?).

The phases change gradually from New to Full to New again.

This natural cycle is a great way to check in with where you are on you own journey. 

You can use the Moon to set your intentions, and to manifest a more magical life. 



If this is something you are curious about and looking for a place to gain some knowledge, be sure to check out our monthly Full Moon workshops. 

& stay tuned for our upcoming blog on how to use modern magic in your day to day. 

Full Moon Workshop
Time is TBD
Cassandra Elizabeth,
1122 College St, Toronto, ON M6H 1B6, Canada

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